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16 January 2020

Late Afternoon XC-Ski in Zealand Road Area Near Twin Mountain, NH


Late afternoon on a day in early January 2020, I embarked on a short adventure in the Zealand Road area that included skiing along the Flat Iron XC-Ski Trail, as well as a short ski to a place called Wildlife Pond. 

The Flat Iron Cross Country Ski Trail is a 1.3 mile loop trail leads you through some attractive woods, and along the banks of the Zealand River.  There are even a couple of spots along the northern segment of the route that have a bench where you can sit and enjoy a view overlooking Mt. Hale, as well as North and Middle Sugarloaf Mountain. 

Although this corridor is designated as a cross country ski trail, it can also be enjoyed by respectful snowshoers who stay well off to the side of the trail so as not to spoil the tracks used by skiers.  Regardless of whether you choose to use snowshoes or skis, in winter months you need to park your car at the lot on the north side of U.S. 302 and then walk 0.2 mile westward to reach the gated entrance of Zealand Road. 

Besides enjoying the trek through the woods, and along the river, plus admiring the other picturesque vistas, there is another aspect to this short trek which might be of interest to some readers.  At the northern leg of this trail, there is a long narrow hill (known geologically as an esker).  This segment of trail was once part of an old road that ran from the village of Twin Mountain to the area known as Fabyan.

For further details about this old road (once known as the "Glacial Ridge Road"), you can read an article that appears on the website (click HERE for the link to the article).

Shown below is a map with two red arrows that point to the areas visited on my late afternoon ski in the Zealand Road area.



One Day in America said...

No wolves howling? Too bad! The full moon pic is great though.

I also like the late afternoon sun reflecting in the river.

I read the report about the old road. I'm happy the road fell into disuse and is now a quiet trail instead!

Nice post, John!

1HappyHiker said...

Thank you, Rita, for your comments. Very much appreciated!


gregory martinson said...

Fantastic picture of the moon rise👍

1HappyHiker said...

Thank you Gregory for taking time to read my blog, and for posting such kind words about my photo of the moon rise.