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26 December 2019

A December Hike up the Cathedral Ledge Auto Road in North Conway, NH


There are many reasons why you might happen to be in North Conway, NH.  There are several outlet shopping malls, plus it is a jumping-off point for many hiking excursions, winter skiing, rock-climbing, ice-climbing, and much more.

During wintertime when I’m in the North Conway area and have about an hour to spare, I’ll often visit Cathedral Ledge by walking up the mile-long auto road which is closed to automobiles during snow season, but it is open to pedestrian traffic.  This allows for a short, but pleasant hike to enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the ledge.  In mid-December 2019, I did this trek.  My visit was particularly enjoyable since I avoided the throngs of tourists that drive to the top during warm weather months.  And, since my visit occurred before the snowmobile season, I dodged that situation as well.😀

Shown below is a map that shows the road leading to the top of Cathedral Ledge.


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KEYWORDS: Cathedral Ledge Auto Road; Winter Hiking; North Conway; New Hampshire


One Day in America said...

Your photos from Cathedral Ledge are absolutely gorgeous, John!
What a great day for a hike, and how nice that this road is closed during the winter, allowing easy access to this scenic spot.

Also, it's great that it was early enough in the season to avoid those noisy snowmobiles.

Happy New Year!

1HappyHiker said...

Happy New Year to you as well, Rita. And, thank you for your kind words about my blog posting.

Cathedral Ledge is a scenic destination and during the warm weather months when you can drive to the top, it is especially popular with tourists. I recall one summer meeting a Boston television personality (Matt Noyes) who was there taking in the sights with his family.