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02 December 2019

Two Small Hikes off Dyke Road in Sugar Hill, NH


In late November 2019, I did a little (about 4-miles round trip) trek in the vicinity of Sugar Hill, NH.  On this small adventure, I hiked to a viewpoint along a snowmobile trail, and then did a short trek to the Bronson Hill Conservation Area (click HERE for more information) to visit a delightful little cabin where motorized access (snowmobiles, ATVs, etc) is prohibited.

The weather forecast for the day of my hike called for partly sunny conditions.  But, as sometimes happens in the mountainous area where I live, the actual and the forecast weather can be two different things!😀  I experienced a heavily overcast sky and haze for the entirety of my trek, but it really didn’t matter since those conditions can produce a beauty of their own.


The next photo (shown below) I took from inside the cabin.  The placard above the fireplace has the words to a poem by Arthur Guiterman.  Click HERE to read the words to this poem.


One Day in America said...

I typically go for hikes with big views but, as you say, sometimes an overcast day forces you to more closely examine the wonders "right at your feet". Looks like you made the best of your cloudy day in the mountains!

I like the cabin too. What a nice place of refuge for hikers or snowmobilers.

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita . . . thanks for your comments!

As a result of one of your comments, a slight revision was made to the opening paragraph of this posting. I realized that a statement wasn’t made to indicate that snowmobile access to the cabin is prohibited.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if hunting is prohibited in the Lawrence Hill Conservation area (including the trails leading to the cabin at Gibbs Field?) Thanks!

1HappyHiker said...


You could call Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust at: (603) 823-7777.
Or, you could contact them via the internet at this link: