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07 October 2019

A Loop Hike to Table Mountain via the Attitash Trail, plus a Bushwhack


As its name implies, Table Mountain has a flat-topped summit when viewed from various locations.  This mountain is located on the north side of the Swift River valley and is tucked in between two higher ridges, i.e. the Moat Range to the east, and massive Bear Mountain to the west.  Near the top of this mountain, there are impressive views from cliffs made barren as a result of a 1984 forest fire.

Table Mountain is located along the Attitash Trail which runs for 7.2 miles from the trailhead at its western end (on Bear Notch Road) to its eastern end (at its junction with the Moat Mountain Trail).  Most hikers reach Table Mountain by doing a straightforward out-and-back 3.8 mile (round-trip) hike from the trailhead on Bear Notch Road. 

In late September 2019, I concocted a loop hike to Table Mountain by bushwhacking from the trailhead on Bear Notch Road to an unnamed ledge on the north side of the mountain.  I then bushwhacked from the ledge to meet up with the Attitash Trail which I followed to the cliffside views on Table Mountain, and then continued following the trail back to the trailhead on Bear Notch Road. 
(In June 2011, I did essentially this same hike.  Click HERE to view my blog posting for that adventure.)

Shown below is a map that might be helpful in trying to visualize this hike.



One Day in America said...

Another fine autumn hike, John.

I love the reds in these photos. And the sweeping views of so many peaks!

Keep the fall hikes and photos coming!

Karl said...

Beautiful photos as always. Table is on my list...I'll get there someday!


1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita . . . Thanks for your glowing comments!

I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. They provide some idea of the “autumn magic”, but as I know you know, nothing compares to seeing it first-hand, in-person.


1HappyHiker said...

Hi Karl,

Many thanks for reading my blog and posting your comments.

You and your family would enjoy the hike to Table Mountain. If you don’t make it there this year before Bear Notch Road closes for the winter season, there will be other opportunities. The mountain will always be there! ☺