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12 October 2019

A Hike to Averill Mountain in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom


If for whatever reason, you happen to be driving along the U.S./Canadian border in Vermont’s scenic Northeast Kingdom region, give some consideration to doing the short 0.7 mile hike to Averill Mountain (2,240 ft).  The trail is well-maintained and easy to follow.  And, you might also want to consider a hike to Brousseau Mountain which is in the same general vicinity.  I did that hike the last time I was driving through this area.  (Click HERE to read my blog posting for that trek.) 

The trailhead for Averill Mountain is on the north side of VT-114.  There is roadside parking on the south shoulder of the road at the junction of VT-114 and Lake View Road.  Coming from the east, the trailhead is located 3.9 miles east of the turn for the Canadian border crossing in Norton, VT.  And coming from the west, the trailhead is 9.5 miles west of VT-102 in Canaan, VT.

Shown below is a map which might be of further help in clarifying the location of this hike.



One Day in America said...

I know I've said this before, but those bonus photos could be put on a calendar. Or perhaps framed and hung in a living room! The reflection of autumn leaves in Underpass Pond with the berries in the foreground is stunning!

Again, you managed to capture scenes of so much beauty on this outing. Hearing geese flying overhead is one of my favorite fall sounds.

I envy your New England autumn treks!

Karl said...

Hi John,

This looks like a great hike and so far north, too. In your bonus photos, I noticed you mentioned the town of Groveton. I was just in Groveton last Wednesday on business visiting a supplier. I lose my bearings after Rt302, but it was a beautiful drive up nonetheless. I'm wondering if I saw Percy Peaks or not.

Great post on a hike that isn't really published any place else...that I've seen!


1HappyHiker said...

Rita . . . Thanks for your kind comments about my posting>

There is so much to delight our bodily senses during the autumn season, and I totally agree with your that hearing geese fly overhead is one of those delights.


1HappyHiker said...

Hi Karl . . . thanks for your comments! Much appreciated!

Percy Peaks are a dominant land-feature in Groveton. So unless they were cloud-covered, you probably laid eyes on these unique mountain peaks while you were there on business last week.