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04 April 2016

Walking Along a Snowmobile Corridor Near my Home (Bethlehem, NH)

Oftentimes when I want to do a short hike close to my home in Bethlehem, NH, I will park along the wide shoulder at the junction of Trudeau Road and U.S. 3. From there, I will then walk a portion of a snowmobile corridor where there are a number of pleasant views, a few of which are shown in this short report.

Highlighted in yellow is my route of travel for a day in early March 2016.

Despite many days of below freezing weather, the next photo shows that the Gale River had a rather lively flow along a section of USFS land north of U.S. 3, opposite Abbot Hill.

The segment of my route that runs north/south is level, and straight as an arrow (see next photo).  Once upon a time it was the corridor for a passenger train known as the Profile and Franconia Notch railroad.  In recent times, it is part of the Corridor 104 snowmobile trail.

Heading southbound on the snowmobile trail, there is one spot that provides a particularly nice view of Mt. Lafayette.  I took the photo shown below when XC-skiing along this corridor earlier in the year.



Rita Wechter said...

Wow! The last picture is gorgeous. This looks like a beautiful spot at any time of the year. Have you been there in the fall?

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks Rita for the compliment about that last photo in this blog posting. As you know, getting a great photo is oftentimes as simple as being at the right spot at the right time. And such was the case with that particular snapshot.

Yes, I’ve been to this location in Autumn, and it’s picturesque at that time of year as well. :-)