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28 February 2020

A Winter Snowshoe Trek to Ethan Pond, NH


Hiking the Appalachian Trail in winter is a fun adventure!  Hmm, but that statement can be a bit misleading and it deserves some explanation, as follows.  My destination for this wintertime adventure was Ethan Pond.  It involved hiking the Ethan Pond Trail which is the local name for this short segment of the Appalachian Trail, which I indeed hiked in the winter.😄

During the winter, Ethan Pond does not see a lot of hiker traffic and so you can pretty much be assured of a serene hike.  However, it’s a totally different story in summertime when the trail is heavily-used by local folks as well as by those who are hiking this segment of the Appalachian Trail.

During the summer months, Ethan Pond is a round-trip hike of 5.4 miles, but in winter it’s becomes a 6.0 mile trek since the 0.3 mile Willey House Station Road is closed and you need to park at the bottom of the road and then walk the road to/from the trailhead.

Ethan Pond is estimated to be about 5 acres in size.  It was originally called Willey Pond due to its close proximity to Mt. Willey, but was later renamed as Ethan Pond in honor of Ethan Allen Crawford who discovered the pond around 1830.

Shown below is a map with my route highlighted in yellow.



One Day in America said...

Very nice, John! Looks like you had a great day for this trek. Did you see any wildlife?

I just returned from a trip to southeastern PA and they have had only a few inches of snow so far this winter.
You're lucky to have plenty of snow on the ground.

It's so nice to be the only one on a trail—that's what my husband and I like about winter hiking!

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita,

Nope! Neither people nor wildlife were seen on this trek. It was just me, and the trees, the snow, the sky and the wind. :-)