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13 August 2018

A Simple Hike to a Cliff Named Victor Head (Located Near to Stark, NH)


In late July 2018, there was a day when my time for hiking was limited.  After a bit of consideration, I opted to drive less than an hour from my home to hike to a cliff that is named Victor Head.  Many years had passed since I last visited this precipice located in the relatively remote Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire.

Since the Great North Woods is off the beaten path, this region generally receives less hiker traffic than some of the more popular destinations in other parts of the State.  And as a result, you stand a better chance of being alone here to more fully experience Mother Nature’s sounds, sights, fragrances.  Even if it’s just for a brief visit, I think many of us have a hunger to witness the more primitive form of nature that our ancestors knew.

Anyway, my hike to Victor Head was a simple “out-and-back” trek using the same trails for the outbound and inbound segments of the journey.  The round-trip distance was just under 5-miles with a modest elevation gain of about 1,130 ft.

Map showing my route of travel as highlighted in purple

A segment of the Old Summer Club Trail on the final approach to the Victor Head Side Trail.  Remote, lightly-used, lovely!

Shown above is a view of South and North Percy from a short spur path off the Victor Head Side Trail.
(Perhaps it should be noted that you can reach these two peaks by continuing onward on the Old Summer Club Trail beyond the turn off for Victor Head.  Doing so would ADD about 2,100 ft of elevation gain, and about another 5 miles to your round-trip journey.)
A view from Victor Head overlooking Christine Lake.  On the horizon are peaks in several mountain ranges (Mahoosuc, Carter-Moriah; Presidential; Pliny; Pilot).
This snapshot was taken from an unofficial viewpoint that is accessible via a short, but rugged, side path that leads eastward from a point near the end of the Victor Head Side Trail.
A short distance off the Old Summer Club Trail is this small, but picturesque, cascade along Rowell Brook.
Along the way, a quick side-trip was made to admire the brand new Devil’s Rest Shelter.  It’s located along the Old Summer Club Trail, just a short distance west of Rowell Brook.  Click HERE to read a very nice write-up about this new shelter.
This is just a random photo taken en route to Victor Head. 
Bunchberry, moss, fern . . . what’s not to like about the ground cover of our New England forests? :-)


Since this was just a short write-up about a short hike, perhaps this blog posting is best ended with a short quote from the naturalist John Muir: “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”


Rita Wechter said...

What a pleasant hike, John! I love the ground cover of the eastern forests, considering that our ground cover usually consists of sand and thorny, prickly plants.
The shelter looks like a wonderful place for a rest, or an overnight backpack stop. Christine Lake is beautiful. And what could be better than a remote, lightly-visited place.
I like your summary with its emphasis on the word "short". I would add that the hike, the write-up, and the quote are all "short, but very sweet"!

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita,

Thank you for your kind comment stating “. . . the hike, the write-up, and the quote are all short, but very sweet!” That brings to mind a Scottish Proverb stating “Better short and sweet than long and lax." :-)

Happy travels!