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09 April 2015

A Snowshoe Trek to Little Mt. Deception via an Abandoned Trail

One upon a time, there was a network of maintained hiking trails in the Dartmouth Range that led to destinations such as Little Mount Deception (about 2,450 ft), and its "bigger brother" Mount Deception (about 3,670 ft).  By the 1950's these trails were abandoned.  They were casualties of the devastating 1938 Hurricane and the loss of manpower during World War II.  It's unfortunate that hiking trails no longer grace this scenic corner of the White Mountain National Forest.

However, there is still one faint holdover from those glory days before the abandonment of trails in the Dartmouth Range.  Off the east side of Old Cherry Mountain Road (sort of midway between Campsites #3 and #4), one can barely discern the faded corridor of an old trail leading to Little Mt. Deception.

During the snow-free months, you can see evidence that this old trail still receives some use.  Probably, there are occasional hikers like me who use it.  Also, it seems fairly certain that it's sometimes used by hunters.  Although rare, I have seen spent shell casings along the corridor.  Also, from time to time, flagging tape has been spotted in some of the trailside trees.  I'd like to think this is the work of hunters, rather than hikers.

On a day in early April I decided to do a trek to Little Mt. Deception via this old abandoned trail.  Snowshoes were used since there was still a considerable snowpack.  I've traveled this route many times, and so it was relatively easy to follow the corridor despite the many opportunities to go astray through the open hardwoods on either side of the pathway.
My snowshoe tracks en route to Little Mt. Deception
On the final approach to Little Mt. Deception, the abandoned trail suddenly changes from a rough unmaintained corridor to a well-defined pathway.  This short segment has become part of a private trail that is maintained by folks at an RV campground at the base of the mountain.
Final approach to Little Mt. Deception
The views from the ledge on Little Mt. Deception were stunning, as always.  Particularly nice are the views looking toward the Presidential Range.
Presidential Range as viewed from ledge on Little Mt. Deception
In addition to the vistas of the Presidential Range, there is also an impressive view looking up at Mt. Deception from the ledge on Little Mt. Deception.
Looking up at Mt. Deception from the ledge on Little Mt. Deception
It should also be mentioned that en route to this old abandoned trail to Little Cherry Mountain, you travel for a short distance along the Old Cherry Mountain Road.  During the winter months, this corridor is closed to vehicular traffic and becomes a snowmobile trail. And so, you need to park at the point where the road is gated, and then walk for a few tenths of a mile to reach the old trail.

Regardless of whether you're driving the road during warm weather months, or walking it during winter months, you will pass by a structure known as the Fabyan Guard Cabin.  The cabin, dating back to 1923, is the oldest structure built by the Forest Service within the White Mountain National Forest.  (Click HERE to read more about this cabin.
Fabyan Guard Cabin (Dates back to 1923, and is the oldest structure built by the Forest Service within the White Mountain National Forest.)
And lastly, as mentioned at the top of this report, despite the early April date, there was still an impressive ground cover of snow, so much so that the local Nordic centers were still able to groom their trail systems.  I took advantage of this situation by cross-country skiing for a few hours prior to embarking on the trek to Little Mt. Deception.  I love "twofer" days like this when I can ski and hike on the same day!
One of groomed trails skied prior to doing hike to Little Mt. Deception
To sum it up, this was a very enjoyable April day spent snowshoeing and XC-skiing at locations close to my home in northern New Hampshire!  Although the winter season will soon end, I'll eagerly await its return next year.


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Rita Wechter said...

Very nice post, John! I enjoyed reading about your pleasant snowshoe hike, and also about the Fabyan cabin. From the 2011 picture of the cabin's interior it looks like the restoration work hadn't been completed. Is the cabin available yet for use by the general public? Or has the project been discontinued?

What great views you had from Mt. Deception! Our snowshoe season has been over for quite some time now, I'm afraid. The groomed cross-country ski trail looks inviting too, but that will have to wait until next year as well!

And, I have to report that the spring outdoor activity season will not be a very active one for me as I am having rotator cuff surgery next Thursday. I tore (severed) a rotator cuff muscle in my right shoulder while I was out hiking with my dog. The MRI revealed a frayed biceps tendon in the right arm as well, so I'm having the duel rotator cuff/biceps tendon repair surgery. Recovery time is expected to be 4-6 months. Ouch!

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita,

Well, first and foremost, it’s sad news indeed to learn about your injury. You have my sincerest wishes for speedy and full recovery. The 4-6 months recovery time is a bummer, but at least it’s an injury that can be “fixed”.

Regarding your question about the Fabyan Cabin, the restoration work has been completed by an organization known as Details are contained in the link shown below which can be cut and pasted into your web browser.

Thanks once again Rita for being such a loyal reader of my Blog.


Steve Smith said...

Thanks for the fine report, John. I haven't been up Little Deception for many years and it looks like the view is as good as ever. It's been quite an early spring for snow-based trekking.


1HappyHiker said...

Steve, thanks for dropping by to read my report and for your kind words.

Regarding the views from Mt. Little Deception, I’ve only been visiting this location for about the past 8 years, and so my history with the place is limited. However, I can say that over those years, the high quality of the view has remained nearly constant.


JimmyO said...

Great photo of the Presy's and a terrific story line and history. Thank you ! I always enjoy the links you provide as well. When the links have links I sometimes find myself fallen down the rabbit hole for a bit but I always find my way back out thankfully! Keep those cards and letters coming!

1HappyHiker said...

Hi JimmyO! Your glowing review of this posting is much appreciated. Thank you!

And yes, regarding links, I can definitely relate to what you said about ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ when one link leads to another, and then to another, etc, etc. Before you know it, a sizeable chunk of time has slipped away! :-)