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20 April 2015

A Brief Visit to Ogunquit, Maine

Most of my blog postings focus on adventures in the mountains of New England.  However, for this time around, the topic is about a visit to the seacoast of New England at an oceanside village in Maine named Ogunquit.

From our home in Bethlehem, NH, it is only about a 2.5 hour drive to Ogunquit.  And so, when the weather forecast looks favorable, and we have the time, my wife and I will sometimes scoot over there for a brief visit to experience a change of scenery.  And, such was the case in mid-April when we did an overnight stay at the Beachmere Inn.

Ogunquit was named by the Algonquian Indians.  It means "beautiful place by the sea."  One way to enjoy the beauty of this place is to stroll along a century-old oceanside footpath known as the Marginal Way.  This paved path hugs the coastline for about 1.25 miles, and provides stunning vistas as it curves around a little peninsula.

Another way to partake of the beauty of this location is to walk on the gorgeous Ogunquit Beach.  It has been rated as one of the Top 20 Beaches in the United States.  The sandy beach and grassy dunes stretch for about 3.5 miles.  During the warm weather months, it has a Caribbean ambiance with its white sand, clear blue water, and gentle ocean waves.

When we arrived at Ogunquit, there were still a few vestiges of snow throughout the area, and even on the grounds of the Beachmere Inn where we were staying! 

Despite some lingering traces of snow, it was a dazzling Springtime day.  The sun was out in full force, and the air temperature was in the 60s with only a light breeze.  It was a terrific day for walking along the beach.

The next four photos show some other scenes that caught my eye while walking the beach, and the Marginal Way.

I'll be the first to admit to not being much of a morning person.  However, when at a beach location like Ogunquit in Maine, I'm usually up at the 'crack of dawn' to see the sunrise!  The next two photos show scenes that I captured as the sun rose over the Atlantic Ocean.

To sum it up, I feel so fortunate to live in New England where there is easy access to seacoast destinations such as Ogunquit, as well as to a multitude of mountains, lakes, and waterfalls.  And of course, there is the stunning Autumn foliage, and the scenic winters with great skiing!


One Day in America said...

Wow! I'm jealous that you have such a beautiful beach just a couple hours away. It looks like you made the most of this vacation by staying right on the ocean, taking beach walks, and getting up to photograph the sunrise!
Great post, John!

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks Rita! Our accommodations were great, and we had picture-perfect weather on the day we were there. I guess one could call that a ‘winning combination’. Judging from the postings to your blog (, I’d have to say that during your extensive travels, you also have experienced numerous ‘winning combination’ days of your own! :-)