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07 April 2011

Squam Lake, Smarts Brook, 100K Miles

As weird as it might seem, there is a connection between Squam Lake, Smarts Brook and 100K miles. Well, at least there was for me on 07-April-2011 which was a day that I had some business in Concord. On my way back to my home in Bethlehem, NH, I exited off I-93 on two occasions to do some short hikes.

My first stopover was at Exit 24 (Ashland) to do a short hike up the Old Bridal Path to take a quick peek at Squam Lake from West Rattlesnake. Shown below are two snapshots taken during this jaunt.  No "ice-out" yet!  (Click HERE for some brief additional information about "ice-out".)
Following this little mini-adventure, I drove north on I-93 and got off at Exit 28 (Campton) and drove to the trailhead for the Smarts Brook Trail. From this trailhead, I picked up the Pine Flats XC Trail and hiked along Smarts Brook where there were some very attractive ice formations.

And so, where does the 100K miles come into play, you might ask? Well, the odometer on my car reached the 100,000 mile mark as I was approaching The Basin in the Franconia Notch. The photo below shows it at 99999, just before the big "Milestone Event".
I'm always looking for weird connections to make. Luckily, there's never a shortage of material! :)

And speaking of connections, if you're interested, you can connect to my recent Blog report about Black Mountain (Jackson, NH) where I've added an ADDENDUM which includes some interesting historical information about a tower that once stood on Black Mountain (click HERE to connect to that report).

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OPW5000 said...

Haha, congratulations on the 100K milestone, although I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad means you get around, anyway.
Also, it looks more like spring in Franconia Notch than the last time I was there...I'll keep my fingers crossed.

1HappyHiker said...

Owen . . . I know what you mean . . . I have some mixed feelings about my car reaching the 100K milestone. I guess I’m sort of happy that my age is recorded in years, rather than the miles I’ve hiked! Although those miles certainly wouldn’t add up to 100K, they would add up to a number far greater than my age!

And yes, you’re correct! Spring is coming to land above the Notch . . . but things do move at a slower pace up here! :)

Marty said...

OK John,

So you stop in Franconia Notch to photo document your car's 100K what do you have planned for your upcoming birthday??

1HappyHiker said...

Actually, the intent wasn't to create such hoopla about the odometer turning over to 100K. Although I didn't say this (but should have in hindsight), I was just surprised: A) that I even remembered to take a look at the odometer to see what was happening, and B) that the100K event just so happened to occur near a spot that was easily recognizable by most folks in the hiking community, as opposed to some nondescript road!:)


NeoAkela said...

Beautiful ice formations! I love the colors.

I am betting that your personal "odometer" has your car's beat!

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks Chris for noticing those ice formations! It was pretty impressive to see such a range of colors.

Hmmm . . . regarding my personal "odometer", you caused me to do some calculating!! My personal "odometer" is probably less than my car's, but it's a neck-and-neck race!:)