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23 March 2011

Nothing Wrong with a "Little Deception"!

Little Mt. Deception is a 2,400(+) ft peak at the southwest end of the Dartmouth Range. This little guy can be accessed entirely on public land by travelling a few tenths of a mile up the Old Cherry Mountain Road (from the Rt. 302 end), and then launching a trek from the east side of the road in the vicinity of Campsite #3. Since there are faint traces of an old corridor (presumably the long abandoned Deception Trail), it would involve a "little deception" to peg this as a true bushwhack. However, please understand that this trek should NOT be attempted unless you are experienced in off-trail travel. It's very easy to lose the old trail which means that compass & map skills are then required for navigation.

Shown below is a portion from a 1938 quad map that shows the now abandoned Deception Trail that once lead up to Little Mt. Deception (and beyond!).
As indicated, this is a short hike. It's only about a mile from the launch point on the Old Cherry Mountain to the top of Little Mt. Deception. However, as they say in the automobile industry "your mileage may vary!" I add this disclaimer since the actual mileage depends upon where you park your car to begin your trek. During the winter months, Old Cherry Mountain Road is gated which means parking at the gate (at the Rt. 302 end) and then walking a few tenths of a mile along the road (a snowmobile trail in winter). During the summer months, it can be difficult to find a safe/convenient spot to park along the roadside.

This trek takes you through some nice woods.
And, once you arrive at the top of this little mountain, there are some great views from a small ledge just slightly off the summit. Below is a snapshot of the ledge.
The focal view from this ledge is an up-close view of the Presidential Range.
Another view that is quite prominent is THE Mt. Deception . . . a much BIGGER mountain than Little Mt. Deception!!
TO SUM IT UP: This is one of the many short hikes that are close to my home in Bethlehem. For folks who live outside the area, this hike might not be worth a special trip. But, that's only my opinion. Regardless, it's sometimes fun to simply read about off-trail locations such as this which lie within the borders of the WMNF.

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My Life Outdoors said...

Those clouded are amazing!

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks for taking a moment to post a comment!

Regarding those awesome clouds around the Presidentials, that's one of the many, many things that I love about hiking. You can visit the same place any number of times, but the view will invariably be different each time!

Sometimes, it will be something subtle (different lighting at different time of day), or other times quite dramatic (lush green in summer and stark white in winter).

Then, there are times when the clouds become the center of attention and the mountains serve only as a backdrop. And then there are other times when the situation is reversed. The mountains are the focal point and the clouds become the backdrop!

Mother Nature is quite the artist, with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure!:)


Grant said...

Kudos for the awesome headline. Before this I did not even know that there was a Little Mt Deception. The views from your pics are better than the views from the summits of some 4000 footers! It is also nice to see that there is still a pretty healthy snowpack up north!

1HappyHiker said...

Many thanks Grant for your kudos!

Yes, the views from this little 2K peak are pretty "sweet". Guess it might go to prove that often times "less can be more"!