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25 December 2020

Bushwhack to a Ledge on the NNW end of Mt. Tremont, NH


In early December 2020, I bushwhacked to the NNW end of Mt. Tremont where there is a ledge that provides a view toward Mt. Carrigain and surrounding mountains.  This MIGHT have been my last bushwhack in snow-free woods for several months, but in these odd and uncertain times . . . who knows!😉
On the map shown below, my destination for this adventure is marked by the red dot just to the right of center.  The GPS coordinates are: 44.0709, -71.3664.

Regarding my approach route to this ledge on Mt. Tremont’s NNW end, I parked at the Fourth Iron Tent Site on U.S. 302 and headed westward.  I considered a northern approach from Sawyer River Road, but discarded that idea due to parking issues along that road’s narrow corridor, and because of uncertainties associated with crossing the Sawyer River. 


For those who might be interested in reading about the history of the now abandoned town of Livermore, NH, click HERE.


Keywords: Vose Spur; Mt. Tremont; Mt. Lowell; Mt. Anderson; Livermore, NH




One Day in America said...

Hi John,

I thought your area received a significant snowfall about a week and a half ago? Maybe I was mistaken and most of the snow ended up in northern PA and in New York!

At any rate, this looks and sounds like a nice snow-free trek on a pleasant day. I like the first photo of the succession of mountains and peaks.
The town of Livermore has an interesting history. Could it be that the extensive logging caused the massive flooding the town endured?

I hope you and Cheri had a joyous (albeit COVID-era) Christmas.

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita,

First and foremost, the very best wishes to you and Tim for happiness and good health during this holiday season and throughout the upcoming years!

You are correct about the snowfall you mentioned. However, this particular adventure occurred earlier in December BEFORE the snow.

Regarding your question about the possibility that extensive logging might have been the cause of the massive flooding that the town of Livermore endured, I’m uncertain if there was a direct cause and effect relationship. However, I would think that the logging might well have been a contributing factor.