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10 May 2019

A Hike to Mt. Randolph

During the first week of May 2019, I did a short hike in the Crescent Range located near Randolph, NH.   My primary target was Mt. Randolph (via Sargent Path and Crescent Ridge Trail).  But depending upon circumstances, I’d left open the option of venturing beyond.  All trails were snow-free to the summit of Mt. Randolph.  HOWEVER, there was an abundance of patchy snow (ankle-deep) on the summit of Mt. Randolph, and progressively more snow-covered trail as I ventured down its north-facing slope.  It would have been doable to continue, but probably not pleasant.  So, I decided to call it a day, and do an about face. 😏

The “view” from the summit of Mt. Randolph . . . moose poop and patchy snow!
There is a view of King Ravine, and Mts. Adams and Madison from a small ledge a few hundred feet south of the Mt. Randolph’s summit.
From the small ledge just south of Mt. Randolph’s summit, I was able to get this highly-zoomed view of the Madsion Spring Hut located at 4,810 ft in the col between Mts. Madison and Adams.  Click HERE for more information about the hut.
Fewer than expected wildflowers were seen along my route to Mt. Randolph.  I only saw an occasional Spring Beauty (LEFT) and Yellow Violet (BOTTOM RIGHT).  And the few Trout Lilies (TOP RIGHT) that I saw had either closed up for the day, or had yet to fully form?


cKAja said...

good post, thanks for sharing

One Day in America said...

I love the photo of the moose poop and patchy snow!
These days when I see a progressively snow-covered trail I turn around too. I've had one-too-many orthopedic procedures!
Another fine posting, John. Thanks for sharing!

1HappyHiker said...

Yup . . . Seems like we are in agreement about not taking chances when hiking. As the Kenny Rogers song (The Gambler) goes . . . “You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run”. :-)