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02 December 2018

A Bushwhack Adventure to Ledges on Stevens Point (near Gorham, NH)


In mid-November 2018, I visited Stevens Point which is located a little over a mile ENE of Gorham, NH.  When driving along Route 2, you can see the open ledges on this little peak.  

If you have a yearning to visit these ledges, then a bushwhack is required since there are no trails that will lead you there.  However, if you aren’t passionate about bushwhacking, then you might want to forego this adventure.  Especially since views similar to those from Stevens Point can be obtained by on-trail hikes to nearby destinations in Shelburne, NH, such as Mt. Crag, Mt. Ingalls, Bald Cap Peak, etc.

On the map shown below, Stevens Point is highlighted in yellow near the center of the map.  And a red arrow points to my starting point for the bushwhack which was at the end of a logging road that branches off Hogan Road.  This trek was generally through open hardwoods.  It was steep, but short (only about one-mile, round-trip).

Stevens Point is highlighted in yellow near the center of the map shown above. 


Shown below are a few photos that I took on my bushwhack adventure to Stevens Point.

From the ledges on Stevens Point, there is this eastward view overlooking Reflection Pond, and the Androscoggin River Valley with mountains in western Maine in the distance.
From the ledges on Stevens Point, there is this WSW view toward peaks in the northern Presidential Range.  Would be a nicer view on a day when there was less cloud cover.
The vista shown above is also available from the ledges on Stevens Point.  This has particular significance to me since one of the trails that I maintain leads to the ledges on Bald Cap Peak which can be seen near the top center of this photo.
Along my route, I came across this totally unexpected cascade.  This unnamed cascade is located along an unnamed brook that originates south of Mt. Hayes, and then runs along the east side of Stevens Point, and eventually empties into the Anrdoscoggin River.
I also hiked upward along the side of this cascade and took this photo. The cascade is too large to fit into a single shot, and so I had to settle for just a slice of it. :-)
Near my point of departure from Hogan Road, there is this remnant of a large stone foundation for a barn that belonged to the Hogan family who lived at this location many decades ago.  I’ve subsequently learned that the foundation for their house is just a short distance from the barn.  On another day, I’ll make a return visit to further explore these surroundings.
Here is a photo of the bridge washout on Hogan Road.  It’s located about 1.3 miles west from North Road.  (This did NOT have any impact on my trek since my point of departure from Hogan Road was a few hundred feet BEFORE the washout.)
And lastly, shown above is one of many picturesque segments of Hogan Road that I experienced along my way.

This was a very enjoyable little adventure that provided several pleasant views.   And, this trek was further enhanced by finding a lovely cascade that was totally unexpected.   Unanticipated discoveries are one of the many aspects of bushwhacking that I find appealing.  So, in a way, bushwhacking is like a box of chocolates . . . you never know what you’re going to get! :-)


One Day in America said...

I like the reference to Forrest Gump! It's amazing how much water exists on the east coast —an unexpected cascade is something I wouldn't be likely to find on my hikes in the desert southwest!
Even with a few clouds around, this looks like a splendid day for a splendid hike.
The first photo of Reflection Pond is especially nice. And... continued kudos for your trail maintenance work, John!

Matt M said...

Hi John, That must of been a nice surprise to find a cool looking cascade. The views from Stevens Point is pleasant too. Thank you for the blog postings, I still have been reading them even if I don't post anything. Matt

1HappyHiker said...

Hey Matt,

No problem that you don’t often post comments to my blog . . . I’m content just knowing that you read my blog postings. Thank you!

Also, I’d like to add that I enjoyed reading the description of a very similar trek that you undertook to Stevens Point, as described in your recently published book which is available at the link below:


1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita,

Thank you for your comments . . . very much appreciated!

You and I are blessed to have such a wealth of natural beauty in our respective regions of the U.S. And yes, here in New England we are indeed fortunate to have such an abundance of rivers, brooks, and awesome cascades.


Matt M said...

Hi John, That book looks like a fun read but a different Matt wrote it. I still stick to hiking trails though I have been enjoying the less traveled lately. Matt Millett

1HappyHiker said...

Ha! How funny is that?! Each time you've posted a comment to my blog, I assumed that it was from Matt Marchon since he is one of my Facebook friends who frequently responds to my Facebook postings. Regardless, thanks for clearing that up . . . much appreciated!