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17 June 2018

Cliffway Loop Hike from Appalachia Trailhead in Randolph, NH


The Appalachia Trailhead in Randolph, NH is a very busy place since it’s a major gateway to the rugged and scenic Northern Presidential Mountains.  But, you can enjoy a more peaceful and less crowded hike from this trailhead by traveling some of the lesser-used trails such as the ones described in this blog posting.

In early June 2018, I launched a 5.7 mile hike from the Appalachia trailhead in Randolph, NH.   This loop hike (sometimes referred to as the Cliffway Loop) was done in a clockwise direction.  There was a 1,470 elevation gain, and it involved these trails: The Link; Amphibrach; Monaway; Cliffside.  Some of the sights seen along the route were: Cold Brook Fall; Cascades at Coldspur Ledges; view into King Ravine from Bog Ledge; views from White Cliff overlooking the Randolph Valley and the Crescent Range.
Map showing the route of travel for this loop hike


Cold Brook Fall (near junction of the Link trail and Amphibrach trail)
Cascades at Coldspur Ledges (at junction of Amphibrach trail and Monaway trail)
The bog below Bog Ledge
Arriving at Bog Ledge
The view from Bog Ledge includes King Ravine and higher reaches of Mt. Adams
Zoomed view to the floor of King Ravine
WHITE CLIFF:  Near bottom-right of this photo is the spot where you can access the short (only 60 ft long) trail named ‘Along the Brink’.  This trail provides access to the viewpoint from White Cliff that overlooks the Randolph Valley and the Crescent Range.  Because of the sheer drop-off, this trail is treacherous and should NEVER be attempted when conditions are wet/icy/snowy.
A typical segment of the Amphibrach trail.
A typical segment of the Cliffway trail.
A photo composite showing some of the wildflowers seen along my route.  My flower-identification skills are limited, but think these are: False Solomon's Seal (LEFT); Bluebead Lily (top RIGHT); Bunchberry (bottom RIGHT)

Longer and more aggressive hikes can be fun.  However, shorter hikes can be fun as well.  As with many things in life, sometimes ‘less is more’.


Matt M said...

Nice report John. I need to explore more of the lesser trails up in the Northern Presidents cause like you said, you can have nice quiet hike but still enjoy the beauty of them.

1HappyHiker said...

Matt, thanks for your kind words about my report.
Sorry for the delayed reply. The system that hosts my blog is having an issue with notifying bloggers when comments are posted.


Matt M said...

John, no worries about your delayed reply. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my comment.