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19 March 2018

Outdoor Adventures in New Hampshire During February 2018


Upon reviewing my outdoor activities for February 2018, I was unable to single out a particular adventure that would merit a blog posting of its own.  And so, this report will merely consist of a few photos taken during February 2018 while hiking and Nordic skiing.  Perhaps readers will find something of interest among these photos that will provide inspiration to embark on outdoor adventures of their own.


1) Roadside photo taken on way home from a hike.  Photo shows sunset (alpenglow) over Presidential Mountain Range with Mt. Washington Hotel at far left
2) Recently constructed bridge at beginning of Lost Pond Trail in Pinkham Notch.  In the background is a portion of the northern Presidential Range
3) Winter woods
4) Another winter woods scene
5) Looking southward down Crawford Notch from Mt. Avalon
6) Looking northeasterly along Presidential Mountain Range from top of Mt. Pierce
7) Being watched by a Gray Jay (Perisoreus Canadensis) during hike to Mt. Pierce.  Highly curious birds and always on the lookout for a free meal from hikers.
8) View of the Pilot Mountain Range while walking the Mt. Prospect Auto Road (closed to automobiles in winter)
9) Fire lookout tower atop Mt. Prospect (Lancaster, NH)
10) Frozen beaver pond
11) A “picturesque puddle” in the woods
12) Huge “ice cubes” along the Ammonoosuc River
13) Lower Falls of the Ammonoosuc River as seen during a brief thaw in February
14) Echo Lake State Park (North Conway, NH):  White Horse Ledge and Cathedral Ledge in background, Echo Lake in foreground
15) Railroad track running through the Pondicherry Wildlife Preserve


And so, this concludes my little photo presentation for some of my outdoor adventures during February 2018.  It remains to be seen what the month of March will bring! :-)


One Day in America said...

These are all excellent photos, John. I really do believe you could sell a "Mountain Ranges of New Hampshire" photo calendar!
As to what March will bring, looks like New England is in line for more snowstorms while we remain mostly high and dry in southeastern Utah.
Enjoy your last day of winter!

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks for such a glowing comments about my photos, Rita.

And regarding the weather, over the past few years it sure seems to have become a bit “whacky’ all across the U.S., as well as the rest of the world.

Happy Springtime to you and yours!


Matt M said...

Great pictures John as usual. I appreciate you posting these because it does help me to broaden my horizon and hike more then just the 4000ft footers. Or at least try different trails to and from the summit.

1HappyHiker said...

Matt . . . I truly appreciate your support of my blog! Thank you!

You would likely agree that we are so blessed here in New England to have the 4K peaks to enjoy, as well as all the interesting and picturesque things in the lowlands and the lesser peaks!

All the best,


EvanHikes said...

Your photography skills amaze me once again. I especially love the first pic of the presidentials. When I think of scenery in New England I think of the summits, but you have a great way of showing that you don't need to summit anything to get amazing views.

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Evan,

Thank you for your generous comments about my blog posting and my photos!

As you would probably agree, the beauty of nature can be found everywhere . . . on the mountaintops, as well as in the valleys, fields, and along the brooks, rivers and ponds. It’s all good! :-)

All the best,


Jones Morris said...

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