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15 February 2017

Short But Rewarding Trek to Lookout Ledge in Randolph, NH


In January of 2017, I hiked to Lookout Ledge in Randolph, NH.   This is a short hike (2.6 miles, round-trip) with an elevation gain of nearly 1,000 ft.   Although the hike is small, hikers get a big reward with the up-close and personal views of the northern Presidential Range.  I often enjoy shorter hikes such as this, every bit as much as hikes that are longer.  But admittedly, it's all a matter of one's personal partialities.

Lookout Ledge is accessible from many points in Randolph, but the Ledge Trail is the most direct route, and it was the one I used for this trek.  And just as a side note, many of the trailheads along Durand Road are unplowed during wintertime.  However, the Ledge Trail parking area had been plowed on the day of my hike.

The Ledge Trail is highlighted on the map below.
Map showing my route to Lookout Ledge


Although there are some steep segments of trail, overall the grade is moderate, such as depicted in this photo.
This photo shows one of the steeper sections of the trail.
About 100 yards before arriving at Lookout Ledge you come to the spot shown in this photo.   It's called the "Eyrie" and takes its namesake from the large nest built by birds of prey, usually atop a cliff or high in a tree.

A few minutes after a brief visit at the "Eyrie", I arrived at Lookout Ledge and took this photo.
This photo shows the view from the 'edge of the ledge' at the Lookout Ledge viewpoint.  Peaks in the northern Presidential Range dominate this scene.
A zoomed view of cavernous feature known as King Ravine.
While returning to trailhead parking lot there was this pleasant trailside scene with mountains at upper left and one of the many cabins along Durand Road at center right.


Rita Wechter said...

That scene in your last photo is so inviting—it makes one want to enter the cabin, start a fire and sip hot chocolate in celebration of a rewarding winter hike!
You had beautiful weather and beautiful views on this short but sweet hike, John!

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks Rita.

Perhaps this goes to show that just like a short hike can be as enjoyable as a longer one, likewise hiking-trip photos of things such as a cabin in the woods can often be as interesting as photos of sweeping mountain vistas!


Rita Wechter said...

So true!

Ken Chester said...

Hi John, My wife and I did that loop last summer for the first time. We may give it a try before the snow is gone. I'm no longer on FB, but will read your hikes here and comment now and then.

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Ken, and for taking time to post a comment. I hope you will continue to check in now and then to see if there are any reports that might interest you.