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28 October 2016

New Hampshire Autumn Adventures in 2016


Autumn is by far my most cherished season of the year.  The sole intent of this blog posting is to share 10 of my favorite scenes from Autumn of 2016.  They are presented in no particular order.

All of the photos shown below were taken from locations in New Hampshire, except for the first one which was taken in the nearby State of Maine.


For most of these photos, the caption includes a link to one of my previous blog reports that provides additional details about the location where the photo was taken.  The absence of a link means that I've written no blog reports for that particular location.

Close-up of blueberry bushes showing off their crimson color of autumn.  Photo taken from Rumford Whitecap Mountain in Maine.
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.)
Looking northward up the Rocky Branch Valley into the Presidential Range Dry River Wilderness.  Mt. Washington is at center with its summit hidden by clouds.  Photo taken from a place with unofficial name of Rocky Branch Dome.
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.)
Photo taken from an off-trail ledge overlooking Sawyer Ponds (foreground), and in the background are (L to R):  Mt. Tremont; Owls Cliff; Chocorua; Paugus.
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.)

First light-dusting of snow on Presidential Mountain Range, as viewed from Mt. Little Deception 
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.)
Midday view looking northward up the Crawford Notch.  Photo taken from a steep bare-rock slab which is frequented by ice-climbers when it becomes coated with thick ice in winter.
Late afternoon view looking southward down the Crawford Notch.  Photo taken from an off-trail ledge located near a forgotten place known as 'New Cascade'.
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.)

Photo taken at late afternoon along a brook near Sawyer Pond.  It was about midway through the Autumn Season when the red maple leaves were just beginning to fall from their trees.
Photo taken from a typical old New England farm road near my home.

View of Presidential Range from Owl's Head peak on Cherry Mountain.  Photo taken toward end of foliage season when the reds are gone, and orange colors are more predominate.
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.)
Photo taken from Bald Cap Peak ledges.  The vista is looking eastward down the Androscoggin River Valley toward western Maine.  Photo taken toward end of foliage season when the reds are gone, and orange/yellow colors are more predominate.
(Click HERE for a blog report about this location.) 



Steve Smith said...

Wow - a superb collection of fall photos, John!

1HappyHiker said...

Thank you, Steve!

The photos here, as well as those in your blog postings, all attest to the spectacularly colorful autumn season we had this year! It certainly laid to rest the qualms about our unusually dry summer having a negative impact on the autumn colors.


Rita Wechter said...

John, I love this idea for an autumn posting! These 10 photos really summarize everything I love about the northeastern US in the fall.

I think my favorite picture is the brook near Sawyer Pond. The composition is fantastic! Those red maple leaves are the focal point, but everything else in the photo is awesome too. I also love the red carpeted New England farm road.
But really, all the photos and posts are great.

Nice job!

Karl said...

Hi John,

Wonderful photos. You have a great eye! All the colors in your photo really pop! You're right that we live in such a fantastic area to be able to witness these colors...but being able to capture them the way you do says a lot for your talents! Thanks for sharing these, John!


Rita Wechter said...

P.S. Tim's favorite photo is the one "looking northward up the Rocky Branch Valley".

1HappyHiker said...

Hi Rita,

Thank you for your “P.S.” comment, as well as your original set of comments that you posted earlier.

You picked out two of my more favorite photos. The “New England farm road” that is near my home is a picturesque spot each and every Autumn. And regarding the brook near Sawyer Pond, I got very lucky on that shot. The lighting was nearly perfect to highlight the red maple leaves and make them the focal poing.

And lastly, thanks for letting me know that Tim liked the photo that is looking northward up the Rocky Branch Valley. That is such a unique vantage point. In some ways I wish there was a trail leading to it so that “non-bushwhackers” could also experience it. But, on the other hand, it is sort of nice to enjoy the solitude of off-trail spots that is only frequented by the occasional bushwhacker.


1HappyHiker said...

Hi Karl,

Thank you for your most generous comments about these photos!

Here in New England, we are surrounded by natural beauty, and therefore it’s pretty easy to get some attractive photos. Basically, all one needs to do is show up and be at the right place at the right time with camera in-hand! :-)

Thanks again!