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14 March 2011

Low-Hanging Fruit: Peeking Around the Corner at Webster Brook

Okay, I had a few hours in the afternoon (14-March-2011), and so I decided to "pick some low-lying fruit". In other words do something that didn't require much time or effort.

Probably there are few (if indeed any) who have wondered what's around the corner when Webster Brook makes that left turn and heads NNW up that steep-sided valley toward Mt. Webster. Well, I was curious to "peek around the corner" to see what I could see.  I didn't expect much, and I didn't get much!

Perhaps the map below will help to better visualize the area that I'm talking about.
About 0.2 mile after crossing Webster Brook, I left the Saco River Trail and bushwhacked northward for a few tenths of a mile. I visited 3 spots as shown on the GoogleEarth map below.
Below are 3 photos which show the main view from each of the 3 places I visited.

View from Ledge 1: (Looking toward Ripley Falls/Avalanche Brook area)
View from Slab: (Looking "head-on" up the NNW segment of the Webster Brook valley)
View from Ledge 2: (Looking southward down the Crawford Notch)
SUMMARY: Probably this can best be summed up by saying the following. This was a wacky bushwhack!

Although I was curious to "peek around the corner" to look up into the Webster Brook valley, this isn't a bushwhack I would have undertaken had this valley been located many miles deep in the Pemigewassett Wilderness. As said at the beginning, this was merely a matter of picking some low-lying fruit!


Karl said...

Awesome pictures, John! I must say, I really like the map representations you give for your reports. Both topos and 3d Google views.


1HappyHiker said...

Thanks Karl for the kudos!

Regarding the maps & GoogleEarth snapshots that I sometimes include, it's good to hear that you find it helpful. Unless feedback such as yours is received, then I never know if anyone really cares one way or the other about including that type of thing.

Regarding the photos from this rather bizarre trek, again it's good to hear that you liked them. They were "okay" in my opinion. Some blue-sky would have helped out a lot! As can be seen, it was sort of a dreary, overcast day. Hey . . . but I'm not complaining! Any day spent hiking in the Whites is a great day!


JimC said...

Hi John
FOLLOWING your Blog.
The Google Earth maps are extremely informative. One map is worth a thousand words.

Looking at the "SLAB", I have b/w to the unnamed 3037 Pk up and to the Right, fr the Dry River side. Some impressive ledges up there!

Jim Crawford

1HappyHiker said...

Thanks Jim for your reply and for following my Blog!

Ah! I should've known that you've been to the unnamed 3,037 peak (and nearby ledges) up above the "Slab" that's mentioned in my Blog report. Nice work Jim! That whack is something I'm hoping to do sometime this summer. But, I rarely plan things. Most likely, I'll just wake up some morning and decide to do it!